famous people from Lincoln
Famous people from Lincoln strive hard and excel in what they do.

Being one of the famous people from Lincoln is something that many want to achieve dream about, but few achieve.

Five of those few people who became famous people from Lincoln include model Ashley Graham, actress Hilary Swank, actress Lindsey Shaw, guitarist James Valentine, and actress Janine Turner. These people are not only skilled at what they do, but they also use their fame to share positivity with others.

It is great to get to know these famous people from Lincoln and learn what made them famous. You would not even think some of them will become actresses/artists with their initial careers in life.

Top 5 Famous People from Lincoln

It’s time to know a bit more about these famous people from Lincoln. With no further ado, let us proceed.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a plus-size model and television host from Lincoln, NE. She was found by the I & I agency when she was only 12. In 2001, she participated in a modeling convention and signed with Wilhelmina Models before moving on to Ford Models in 2003.

She got married to her videographer boyfriend, Justin Ervin, in 2010. In 2012, she was labeled Model of the Year of Full Figured Fashion Week. A year later, she branched into lingerie designing and designed a collection for Addition Elle.

She was featured in an ad for Swimsuits For All in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue. Now, she is a proud mom of her first child, Isaac, born in January 2020.  She is also one of the most famous people from Lincoln that is spreading body positivity.

Hilary Swank

Hilary Ann Swank is a film actress and producer from Lincoln, Nebraska. She made her screen debut as a minor character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1992. That is after first becoming recognized for her role on Camp Wilder. She starred in The Next Karate Kid and the Beverly Hills, 90210 (8th season), which gave her a big break.

But before Swank became one of the most famous people from Lincoln in Hollywood, she was first an athlete. She once competed in the Washington state swimming championships and the Junior Olympics. She later dropped out of her athletic career and in high school to pursue acting.

One of her most noted films was Boy’s Don’t Cry, where she acted as a transgender male. This won her an Oscars, the same with her other notable film, Million Dollar Baby.

Lindsey Shaw

Lindsey Shaw is a Hollywood actress known for her role as ‘Moze’ in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide by  Nickelodeon. Shaw also appeared in the 2007 sitcom, Aliens in America, which only aired for eighteen episodes. She also starred in the 2009 comedy series, 10 Things I Hate About You, as the lead character Claire.

If you are fond of the Pretty Little Liars series, you are probably familiar with Paige McCullers’ character, which is played Shaw in the series. However, one cool piece of information not many know is that before Shaw became one of the famous people from Lincoln, she used to work as a print model and travels back and forth from Nebraska to Kansas.

James Valentine

James Valentine is the lead guitarist of Maroon 5. But before he was a guitarist of the band, he was raised as a Latter-day Saints member in Lincoln city. Jame’s sister, Amanda Valentine, was once a contestant in Project Runway for two seasons (Season 11 and 13).

Before James Valentine joined Maroon 5, he was a guitarist for other bands first. He played for Montag, Mondello, and Happy Dog. Later, Happy Dog was renamed Square. But tension soon grew in the band.

At that time, another band, Kara’s Flower, was looking for a guitarist, and Valentine decided to join. Later, Kara’s Flower became what we know as Maroon 5 now. That also what made James Valentine one of the famous people from Lincoln you should know.

Janine Turner

Janine Turner started her career in the limelight when she was only 15 years old with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. But in 1980, she branched into acting and starred in some episodes in the series Dallas.

After her first stint in Hollywood, Turner felt that the roles she kept getting after were not satisfying enough for her and that she knew she could do better. So, she packed her bags and went to study in Manhattan.

Later in 1990, she played the character of Maggie O’Connell in Northern Exposure. This gave her the break she needed and made her earn a 1993 Emmy Nomination and Golden Globe nominations for three consecutive years (1992 – 1994).

Now Turner busies herself juggling life as an author, actress, public speaker, and founder of Constituting America 2010.

Who is the Most Famous Person with the name Lincoln?

The most famous person with Lincoln attached to his name is Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th US president. He died in 1865 because of an assassination. But before he died, he was able to leave his mark in history for his key role in ending slavery in the US.

What Famous Sites Can You Find in Lincoln?

Aside from famous people, Lincoln also has many great places to know, and visit. These include the Historic Haymarket District, Sunken Gardens, Museum of American Speed, Pioneers Park Nature Center. There are more great places to check at Lincoln and you will surely have fun.


These famous people from Lincoln city did not become well-known immediately. They worked valiantly and had the confidence to follow their dreams. They act as an example for all those who wish to achieve success.

They were not afraid to take a risk in their ventures in life. And all those risks paid off with how famous they are now. So, much like these four people, if you have a dream, don’t be afraid to pursue it.