annual events in Lincoln

Lincoln, NE is a bustling city so there are many annual events in Lincoln that the people get to enjoy every year.

Lincoln’s most popular annual events in Lincoln are Lincoln Film Festival, Lincoln Earth Day, International Thespian Festival, Capital City Ribfest, and more. Check these events with your family, and enjoy!

Whether you are moving to Lincoln or just happen to visit, you will surely enjoy the annual events in the city. And because they only happen once a year, it would be a great experience to attend them at least once.

Top Annual Events in Lincoln

Lincoln, Nebraska, is a large city in the state of Nebraska. It is located on the bottom of the Big Horn Mountains in what used to be the Nebraska territory. It was named after Senator Seward. The first annual event in Lincoln began in the early 1890s and grew into an annual event with huge success. Lincoln has hosted many political and cultural events throughout the years.

Since then, Lincoln has bloomed into a dazzling city with many annual events in Lincoln that you can enjoy. Here are the top 5 we recommend you take part in:

Lincoln Earth Day

The Lincoln Earth Day celebration is one of the largest environmental gatherings in the United States each year. It is a chance for citizens to learn about the issues surrounding the environment, to get involved in conservation projects, and to have a great time doing so.

The Lincoln Earth Day Festival is held every April as a way of celebrating the commitment to environmental preservation. Visitors can take part in activities that promote environmental awareness, such as planting trees, gardening, and learning how to plant seeds to save the environment. Events may also include presentations by local educational institutions or non-profit organizations on the importance of preserving the planet.

International Thespian Festival

International Thespian Festival, otherwise known as the ITA (International Thespians) Festival, is an international week-long theatrical festival that brings together U.S. college theatre groups, thespians, and other related organizations. Organized every year by the International Thespian Society (ITA), it is widely regarded as one of the year’s premier theatrical events.

Over the last several years, the ITA has staged productions of Shakespeare’s classics. Other well-known works include “The Lion King,” “Sense Of Youth,” “Sweeny Todd,” and more. If you love theaters and plays, then add this event in your annual events in Lincoln options to visit.

Lincoln Short Film Festival

The Lincoln Short Film Festival is a one-of-a-kind festival that showcases the best of Lincoln Nebraska film history. This event is the only one of its kind in the area. Watch thousands of films, including classic and contemporary movies. During the festival, Lincoln city will present short films from Nebraska and run from 25 to 30 min.

The Lincoln Film Festival provides movie enthusiasts with the opportunity to view various independent films from all over the United States. This one-of-a-kind festival allows visitors to enjoy music and movies with an unmatched combination of entertainment, art, craft, and local food. So, if you are a film lover, then make this a must-go for your annual events in Lincoln list.

Capital City Ribfest

The Capital City Ribfest is a rib fest that is held every year in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is a three-day event that includes a free show, live music, and eats, and more. It has been known to draw people from near and far just for the excitement of seeing all the different kinds of food and the variety of people that enjoy eating out at events like this.

The food at the Capital City Ribfest is second to none. So if you are looking for annual events in Lincoln that you can attend, then this one is a top choice!

Nebraska State Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and Carol Sing

The Nebraska State Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and Carol Sing in the Lincoln area the is the most awaited occasion for the people and the visitors in the state. During this special occasion, the entire state is decorated with different colored lights lit during the ceremony. The Nebraska State Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and Carol Sing is celebrated on the second Sunday of December.

When the time comes for lighting up the Christmas tree in Lincoln, the celebration gets underway. Lincoln is a major center for the Christmas celebration, and so the whole place is decorated extensively with beautiful lights. Special entertainment like the Jazz Band provides entertainment to everyone.


All these annual events in Lincoln are not only fun-filled but also educational. For example, at the Lincoln Film Festival, participants can watch a selection of documentaries about the town’s history. Likewise, at the Lincoln Science and Technology Festival, you can see demonstrations and hands-on activities by local and national businesses.

The Great Corners Festival is a family affair with free live music, delicious food, and amazing antique stores. You will be able to see and do many exciting things in and around Lincoln each year, so make sure to plan your annual events in Lincoln, Nebraska, accordingly!